cake sport

(kāk) (spôrt)
1. a melbourne based fashion label known for their unorthodox athleisure wear made from non complient sports fabrics & every day fabrics.
2. clothing that is sports inspired but not physically designed for playing sport
3. inspired by delicious cake colours, ices, decorations
4. inspired by sports silhouettes, team sport attire

The unusual use of the two words Cake & Sport when put together completely contradict each other, and get you thinking what the meaning is behind this madness.

Let’s break down the two words to get the picture

Cake a sweet temptation that is baked and sometimes decorated or iced, a naughty treat, delicious, brightly coloured, and bad for you.

Sport an activity, fitness, to do something, using skills as an individual or team to compete against another or others for entertainment. Ideally sport is good for you.

Cake Sport is a brand that creates athleisure clothing using a combination of evening and luxurious fabrics mixed with every day sports fabrics creating a hybrid line not standardized to the usual athleisure brand.

The use of soft colours and shades goes against the grain of the traditional monochrome schemes often seen.

Did you say Silks & Beaded  Embroidery on Sportswear? NO WAY.

That’s not practical.

You’ll see these effortless designs in key sportswear silhouettes like the simple tee transformed in luxurious fabrics making it a possibility that you can wear your sportswear outside of the gym, and even look should I dare say GLAMOROUS.

But we’re all not bows and princesses here, we are edgy, cool and fun in soft shades of whatever pastel dreams you may be having.

We want to do Athleisure differently, and most importantly we want clothing that is comfortable and cool at the same time.